Blake's Story

Blake William Scofield was born on April 15, 1994, with Crouzon Syndrome. His surgeries have included:

Sept. 1994 - cranial sutures release & forehead advancement.
Feb. 1995 - cranial vault & forehead advancement
March and April 1995 - two eye procedures
Sept 1995 - Shunt added
August 1996 - shunt repaired
January 1998 - cranial vault & forehead advancement

In February 97, Blake and other children participated in the unveiling of "The Kids Gallery" at the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis. The wall consists of ceramic titles designed by children. Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center where he had his early surgeries. Mom and grandmother do volunteer work to benefits the hospital. We work all year for a fundraiser during the Christmas season called " The Enchanted Forest/Festival of Trees."

Blake is an outgoing child who is sensitive and caring. There is total love from his great network of family and friends. Blake is special.

Grandma Gaylann
Grandmother of Blake, Gaylann Hicks, Cordova, TN
Blake at 3 months
Blake, his mother, great-grandmother, and grandmother at his Christening
Wade, 3, and Blake, 15 months
Blake's 2nd Birthday
Blake (2-1/2) , Blake's grandfather, and Wade
Gaylann, Sonya, Bill, Wade, and Blake
Florida Vacation - Summer 1997
Blake at 3-1/2
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